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Simon York

Songwriter | Multi instrumentalist | Singer

Simon’s dynamic languid blend of keyboard instrumentation and guitars contrasts with the vibrant side of his nature exhibited through his powerful and experienced voice. His music is diverse––an artist who is not afraid of color. His fusion of varied styles and rhythms along with various instrumentation and improvisation is compelling, captivating. There are also some very strong bluesy overtones and some classic influences merged into what you could call a cocktail of musical forms.

Born in the small town of Lennox Head, in northern New South Wales, near Byron Bay, Simon grew up with music oozing from his family home where his dad played a jazz saxophone and his mum played classical piano. Simon started his career touring Australia doing concerts playing punk and Indi rock, but he came into something special when he rediscovered his love for the piano.

He has played and regularly plays in some of the world’s most prestigious jazz clubs. 

Simon lived in the Spanish Canary Islands for a few years where he performed with a band with local Spanish, Brazilian and Cuban musicians, experimenting with Latin beats and Afro-Cuban rhythms, laced with all of the jazz nuances. He took this music to Athens, Zurich, St Moritz, Latvia, and other parts of Europe where it was received with rave reviews.

Now, returned to Australia, at his best, Simon is impressing audiences with the huge diversity of style.

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